Here are all the things that are related to the game. Instructions to play the game are right below.


Story Slide is a fairly simple game.
On the desktop, you must use a mouse and a keyboard.
The mouse is used to click on the choices given to you. The keyboard is used to navigate through the game.
On the phone, just swipe left, right, down, or up and click on the choices given.


Arrow keys: Used to nagivate through the slides
'F': Full Screen Mode
'Esc': Exit Full Screen Mode
Space Bar: Same function as the right arrow key


Important To Do List

Create an actual logo and name for the game. Story Slide might not cut it. Also buy a domain and what not.
Save function or checkpoint code to return to story. For now, refreshing will delete all progress... which is a huge problem.
^Implement cookies to make it easier instead of codes. Or why not both?
Mobile optimizations. Must implement a child CSS file to adjust for mobile devices.
Open Source the game on github.
Develop a form where a writer can input their stories, direct which part goes to which part of the story, and sends an automated js file to me.
(More to come when I think of them)

Misc To Do List

Add more controls to the keyboard (such as mute, disable animations, etc).
Make a better Demo when time is available.
Make little mini games for certain stories? (Like solving a riddle/puzzle)

Contact Me

Just email me at to contact me!

Created by James Paik