To Find Life

The quest to find life outside our solar system has started. Jim, the captain of the COLUMBUS mission, must use his best judgements to complete the quest.

Written by James Paik

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The year is 2157. Ever since the space age started around a decade ago, people have been wondering what is out there. In this infinitely expanding universe, are there other life forms that show intelligence?
This is what brings together the COLUMBUS mission. The quest to find life on a different planet has begun.

During the rise of the space age, strange signals have been coming from a different sector of our galaxy. The Global Space Enterprise called a meeting with top officials in order to address these strange signs.
Jim, a major of GSE and first man to go to Pluto and back, was told to gather a crew and track down the signals.

What do you do?

"I accept your mission"

"I don't think I want to"